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NFIP and Floodplain Management

Consulting and Custom Training for Government Agencies and Private Companies

Each of our speakers has many years of experience, both broad and specialized. Our team of professional surveyors, floodplain managers, GPS and GIS specialists can provide consulting services to answer a wide range of surveying, land use, floodplain management, and technical needs. We have served as advisors, expert witnesses, and consultants to a broad array of agencies and companies across the United States.

We also provide custom designed or packaged courses for government agencies and survey companies of any size. Customized and in–house training can include courses listed on our website or new programs designed and created to meet your needs. We are able to address every aspect of surveying, including business, technical, legal, and professional topics. In times of decreasing budget and travel dollars, this is the most efficient way to keep your survey staff trained and prepared.

Why go with your own personalized custom training?

  1. You often pay for one traveler (the instructor), reducing the number of traveling employees
  2. Training can be customized to meet your specific agency/firm needs
  3. Subject areas are unlimited (within the land survey spectrum, of course)
  4. You can combine several courses into a seamless multi–day learning experience or academy
  5. Training costs are greatly reduced on a per person basis
  6. Training can be scheduled to meet your needs, not the needs of other groups
  7. In–house courses provide a great way to offer training for advancement opportunities
  8. Education is the most significant benefit you can offer to employees
  9. And – if you want to train a core group of your staff to provide more in–house training, we supply that service as well.

A small sampling of past clients for consutling and/or custom training:

  • CalTrans
  • University of California
  • Federal Geographic Data Committee
  • US Bureau of the Census
  • City of Olympia, WA
  • Los Alamos National Laboratories
  • George Mason University
  • Riverside County Surveyor
  • Minnesota Dept. of Transportation
  • CalPoly Univ., Pomona, CA
  • New Mexico State Land Office
  • WA State County Surveyors
  • New Mexico Geographic Information Council
  • Arizona Professional Land Surveyors
  • OK–DOT
  • U.S. Forest Service GIS
  • Colorado State University
  • New Jersey DOT
  • P.O.B. Magazine
  • University of Mississippi
  • WestFed
  • Northwest Arkansas Chapter ASPS
  • Santa Clara Valley Water District
  • National Security Agency
  • Maricopa County DOT
  • Lehigh Valley Planning Commission
  • Langan Engineering and Environmental Services

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